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About Mailili Sasabone

Mailili started as a passionated shopper. One and a half years later mailili became the ambassador of Estee Lauder. She has worked with many international brands like Daniel Wellington,Blackstone, and Nubikk. Today mailiisasabone is read around the world, mostly in her hometown Krommenie the Netherlands.
Maililisasabone has a growth of over 600%, averaging 3,000 new readers monthly. The most exciting part of blogging is creating new content and gaining the possibility to work with amazing brands around the world. Mailili started this blog because she felt as if she was missing something in life. She craved a hobby where she really could express herself when it came to her interests like photography, writing, and fashion. In the beginning she really had no clue how to start, nor did she know that it would offer so many new opportunities. Thus, in 2016 she decided to give style blogging a proper chance to enhance her life along with others.