Blue and Denim

LP_2palm trees and axel arigato

Don’t buy it! Was the first thing my best friend almost screamed in my ear when I was looking at some destroyed wide jeans. If there’s something I’ve learned in middle school is that I don’t listen to someone when it comes to style. Back then I caught myself quite often buying something mainstream or regret buying something really cool. When my eyes fell on these jeans I was sold. Every outfit will look cool in this jeans. I also have this thing lately with denim and light blue it looks clean or something I can’t really explain. And by the way, have you seen these sneakers already? They are so cool and unique you will see them a lot in my future looks! What do you think of this jeans?palm trees and axel arigato Photo’s by Leon de Poorterpalm trees and axel arigatoxpalm trees and axel arigatoLP_20160505_MS2_005-2

I was wearing : Zara Jeans, Stradivarius Blouse, Axel arigato sneakers, Rayban sunglasses


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