Hey Beauty’s!

It’s been so long since the last time I posted! So first of all, what have I’ve been up to? As you can see my website is making a transition. I’m very busy with a new lay out and my new education! In one sentence making my dreams reality.

What am I wearing? this look is specially for the lucky bastards that will seek for sun these months. A simple casual look that is perfect throughout the day. This cute playsuit from loavies combined with my blackstone boots. It gives off this effortless cool factor that makes it so much fun to wear.

LP_20161021_MS3_001 Photo’s by Leon de PoorterLP_20161021_MS3_002 LP_20161021_MS3_003 LP_20161021_MS3_004 LP_20161021_MS3_005

I was wearing:

Playsuit: Loavies

Bag: River Island

Shoes: Blackstone



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