Full of patches


Hello my dear readers! It’s been already 10 days ago. I’m finally done with my exams Yay! I passed with a 9,4 for my dutch exams so that’s a plus.
I had so much on my mind because of the internship and school but no worries I’m still busy with some great projects. Today I’m showing you this awesome bomber from Zara. I was not the only one who’s over the moon about this bomber. I had to wait for two months before it was available again. Normally I would skip hypes but patches are the coolest thing right now. They still give a basic look a great and playfull feeling! Let me know what you think in the comments!

LP_20160409_MS1_001   LP_20160409_MS1_005 LP_20160409_MS1_006 LP_20160409_MS1_004LP_20160409_MS1_008

Photo’s by : Leon de Poorter


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