International family day with BNGO


As you might remember from my photo diary, I went to London with my family one year ago! If not, you can read it here! While staying at a hostel I met this amazing guy Josh, he was travelling alone and asked to spend our last day with me and my fam. We stayed in contact ever since and a week ago he texted me “Mailili I am coming to amsterdam late August! Will you be there?”. And before we knew it he was here with his friends Gabriel Parker And Glenn Martin.

However they didn’t came to party or anything, they just started a new application called BNGO and they are now looking into launching this app outside of the US. With this app you can discover different cities by searching for different things like music, partys, food and everything that you want to know about that country or city. Josh and his friends stayed at my house for a couple of days so they could discover Amsterdam and learn more about our culture. Amsterdam is going to be the first european city in the app. Even though my room was occupied by them for 5 days, we had an amazing time with each other. They also joined me for a blogger meeting, late night outs, beach days and we visited the Zaanse Schans. Our international family day was a big succes, I’ll see you guys in a month! Enjoy Ibiza.


London with josh 2015


If anybody knows any hotspots and citys in europe they should visit or add to the BNGO app! Here is a little story about there application and there vision.

Bngo (bringing next generation opportunities) is a social discovery and promotional platform which creates interest based social interaction. Bngo, directly interacts with diverse cultures globally in order to cultivate the inter-connectivity among individuals. Unlike traditional social mediums Bngo levels the promotional playing field. Check out our beta site at

The very nature of Bngo! requires that we as executives directly interact with various cultures around the world. Currently, we are on a networking and promotional tour in which we are directly engaging with our target market and collecting feedback, while also building our business clientele. The aforementioned is the crux of our user acquisition model, as we pride ourselves on genuine cultural exchange through human interactions.



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  1. Gene
    september 3, 2016 / 3:31 pm

    Great post, looka you had all had a great time.

  2. september 8, 2016 / 6:31 am

    Wow sounds amazing! Looks like you guys had an amazing time together! 🙂

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