How are you? Marrakech has been on my bucket list since forever. Even  it has been on my mind for a long time, never managed to finally visit. Most of you have seen my pictures on Instagram already! Together with Thijs Bouma, Wendy van Soest and Esmee Rudolf we did a blogger city trip. I have spend four days in the cutest riad in the middle of the Medina. The time was too short to really see all the places I was planning on visiting, still I had enough time to visit some highlights! I have wanted to go to Marrakech since ages. Finally the time came and it was magical. Marrakech was the first place ever since the island of Santorini which truly hypnotized me. All the beautiful hotels, riads, mozaik and the people! Here are some impressions of my time there!

The Souk and Restaurants

One of or activities in Marrakech was dicovering the souk! (the market). They had so many spices, tapestry’s and bags. I was amazed by all the little store owners that would make all these clothing, furniture and bags by them selfs.

We had dinner in Nomad and Limoni! All four of us will recommend these two restaurants. The only sad thing about this city is all the animals that are strolling around Marrakech. I am such a animal lover and wish I could take them all home.

La Mamounia 

I’m sure if you google Marrakech, this hotel will pop up. It’s was one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen. We got a tour from Fatim. She told us all about the hotel, gardens and staff! I also would recommend to have dinner or lunch there! They have a great variety of food. From avocado’s, fish and fruits.

Riad La Sultana 

We also had a chance to be in the cutest Riad in the Medina. This was our chill day! We made some pictures, lunched at the rooftop and were eating the biggest Macaroons ever while chilling at the pool. I also got the opportunity to get some quality time in the spa as you can see in the pictures!

Desert D’agafay

We had this amazing experience with désert D’agafay  tours. They arranged a complete tour in the desert with quads, camels and a lunch!  There was no time for lunch because it was our last day. Afther quading and camel riding  Thijs and I took a taxi to the Airport. That was a close call, nearly missed our flight…super stressful but totally worth it.


                                                The essentials








Some things are just necessary on a trip! The things I definitely take with me on a trip are:

  1. A great suitcase! Because I am travelling so much I really need a save suitcase. While strolling around in a city my suitcase needs to me light. Also because whenever your travelling a light suitcase means more clothing haha! and trust me a fashion blogger needs as much as possible. That’s why me and I think thousands of other tourist bought a Samsonite. I bought mine at Duifhuizen!
  2. A good pair of boots. I chose a cool pair at Sacha (they are on sale btw). For me it’s important to walk on these baby’s all day and still looks well on a picture.
  3. A watch! Of course you can use your phone but when I go on a holiday or city trip it’s important for me to enjoy. The only time I want to use my phone are these moments to taking nice shots. Ever since I have been a blogger I am trying to capture everything. Whenever I am wearing a watch it feels like we are having much more time for everything! Maybe it sounds crazy, but you should try it haha! Get mine at Renard.




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