Hi beauty’s Ohhhh it’s time! The one turned in to a two I turned 20!. But I still got the feeling of being a child forever,call me Peter Pan. Lynn And I came up with an idea. Both our birthday’s are on the same date with an age different of 5 years. A month ago we decided that we wanted to give a party together. Together with the butcher we had a the best night ever!
We decided to celebrate our birthday on the 22nd so that we could party while or way in to the 23rd at 12:00 PM! I started the day working. After that, I went to Lynn at 5 o’clock, who had her hair done by the hairdresser. The result was so fab! I had to do my make up very quick because it was already 7pm when we arrived home! The evening started with a private dinner! We chose the sharing-platter for our guests and it was delicious! Everything is served from small Burritos to sardines. We can not party on an empty stomach right? Around 10 o’clock the rest of the guest started to walk in! The funny thing about the butcher is that is has a secret lounge/cocktail bar. If you want to party in the Butcher you have to find the secret back door and know the password to be able to get in. We also had a secret password that night ‘Labradoodle”
Soon the butcher was full and we all enjoyed the best cocktails thanks to Belvedere! They send two personalized bottles with our name on it, how cool! The bottle was already empty after a few hours but I’m keeping the bottle. Does anybody have any ideas of how to be creative with this bottle? Maybe a vase or piggy bank maybe? At 12 o’clock it was the cake moment and WAUW. The cake we arranged by Zina’s bakery. We had only forwarded some inspirational images and the result was a fantastic surprise! I have never seen such a nice birthday cake.
At 1 o’clock some vans came to pick us up and drove to MADFOX. Madfox is one of the newest clubs in Amsterdam. At Madfox there was a table arranged with a magnum bottle. we danced until an hour or 5.
When I came home I dived in to my bed with some new Triumph pj’s. He is so cute and soft!
Because it was my own party, I constantly tried to make sure everybody had a good time. Because of that I had completely forget to sit down and have a drink. Big plus for the day after!!! I had no hangover! So the next morning I was ready for the next party. Some family members came along to have dinner! Nobody says no to the sate of my dad. In the evening I’ve had some drinks in the city and enjoyed my evening.
And a big thanks to all the presents! I asked for a lot of gift cards from the Bijenkorf so now it’s time to shop! you can also shop: here
I want to thank everyone who have had the time to make my Bday a success. Some of you came from Germany, Belgium or just around the corner! I hope everyone enjoyed, drank and celebrated !! You are fantastic. See you all next year!!


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  1. Yara
    november 17, 2017 / 12:22 pm

    Leuke foto’s! Lijkt me een heel fijne manier om je verjaardag te vieren.

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