Photo Diary week 29 #8



Last week I have been to Altea. What a beautiful old town! White houses, narrow and artistically curved streets, nice cafes and restaurants. Its extremely calm and tranquil place. There are several terraces and places through which one can see the sea view and the beaches.


I have also been to Albir. I’m in love with this rocky beach. The water was so much more blue then in Benidorm. I think we are going to spend more time here at the beach.


To much love in one picture hahaha! I was just done shooting a outfit for my blog this week. So it was time to make a picture together. When we finished we wanted to see the sea, so we went climbing over the rocks. My mom who arrived a few days ago wanted to make a picture of us. Guess what happens?  Her bag was open so when she wanted to climb our new Go pro fell out of her bag!!! And yes between the rocks… Goodbye new Go Pro.


Enjoying our view in Altea !


Having fun with our Go pro, four hours before we’ve lost it. Happy faces in our swimming pool.


The beach in Albir. The view from a lifeguard chair isn’t that bad.


Late night churros at the beach with my boyfriend. Pretending we have a beautiful view laying down in front of the beach. But yeah it’s a black hole we’ve been looking at.


Again a pic of our little trip to Albir.


Sushi restaurant Yuan in Albir. I’ve noticed that the sushi in Spain is much more bigger than in Holland.


The market in Benidorm is a perfect place if I wanted to decorate my room with more plants then I already have.


Summer outfit before we went to the beach.


Legs in the water enjoying my day !


Selfie time!


At our table we had these colorful and classy flowers!


Cocktail time! before going out.


Day at the pool showing off this new bathing suit from H&M.


Getting some fruits from the local market here ! I love how colorful this stand looks.


Our table in the mandarin wok restaurant. They have so much for such a good price.


We came a cross this cute  little hotel and restaurant in Altea. It gives a very good impression of the city.

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