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Hi people!

I’ve started my new internship at Miyos in Hoorn. We’re planning some great things for the company. I will maybe reveal these ideas later on my blog.

Because a lot of things that have happened the past two weeks I didn’t post anything sorry for that! I hope I can make it up to you by showing you the outfit I wore this weekend

I was wearing this super cute outfit. It’s warm and based on a lot of trends from this year! The over knee boots are definitely a must this season. Lucky me, I had this old pair waiting to be worn again. The over knee boots are a little bit tricky because if you wear them wrong you can look … how do I say this? Trashy? Because I’m wearing it with a sweater it’s not trashy at all.

The bag I’m wearing gives a  unique look to my sweater. I received this beautiful watch from CLUSE a very upcoming brand. The best thing about the watches is that you can change the straps. You can choose a lot of different colors but I really liked this one. It’s a super classy and timeless watch.

My new sailor cap completed the look! This sailor hat is a real upcoming trend. I found it in a vintage store last week. That’s it for today! You can find the items down below.

I was wearing:

Over knee boots – random boutique

Sailor cap – Vintage store

Sweater – Mango

Skirt – Zara

Fringe Bag – Primark


IMG_4326sailtfoto2IMG_4332  IMG_4345  IMG_4348IMG_4385

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