The Faux fur scarf


Hi! After some trend watching I’m so happy this trend finally came out! The fur scarf is so cool and beautiful. I spotted this scarf maybe 7 months ago? I think even longer.. but anyways, when I spotted this fur in an upcoming collection from THPcollection I fell in love immediately.

I couldn’t find a a scarf like this anywhere because it wasn’t that cool or a well known item. When I did a photoshoot in May for Bloggerscovet I could finally where the scarf I was looking for! It was a sample soĀ I could not buy it mwehh.. But I can show you the trend for this fall with some pictures!

If anybody sees a scarf like this please tell me! I’m still dying to have one in my closet.

IMG_6030 IMG_6048

Photography : Sanne Krijemborg


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