Valentine’s Gift Guide



 Yeah, Valentine’s Day is coming up. So this one is for all the people who need some inspiration. For me,
valentine’s day isn’t just about having a boyfriend. Lots of years I just spent it with my best friends. We gave each other chocolate and a cute card and so can you! It’s about letting someone know you love them. Think about cute cards, flowers or a sweet present.  I know it can be hard sometimes to find the perfect gift for your love. That’s why I decided to make this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. I asked lots of my friends (with and without boyfriends)  what they would like to get for valentine’s day and came up with a great list! Because you all got your own budget for every theme I came up with three options in a different price range!



  1. Perfume. 1. Guess Seductive, 29,95 Now 19,95 at Douglas 2. Si Giorgio Armani 59,40 3. Black opium YSL, 78,67 (50 ml) Now 70,80 at Douglas

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2. Chocolate 

1.Milka 1,00 2. Bij Leonidas heb je vanaf zoon 9,99 en leuk doosje 3. Gepersonaliseerde M&M’s -> here

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3. Lipstick that stays in place while kissing! 

  1. Kiko milano 3,90 2. Mac cosmetics  18,50 3. Dior  37,95

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4. Bath stuff and Skincare

1.Kneipp 11,00 2. Rituals  35,00 3.Lush 50,00  

You can choose how much you want to spend on these brands but most of the time this will be the price range for a great present!

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5. Something active

  1. Candlelight tour in amsterdam! 37,50 p.p 2.  Hotel stay at Van Der Valk  3. A weekend in Paris



Have fun!! xo


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